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Cody Lowry talks about the importance of having fun, building relationships and how to be appreciative and persistent as he talks with Dr. Katrina Burrus and answers the following questions.

  • Give us a snapshot look at your background and how it influenced you?
  • What are the ingredients of the Secret Sauce of a good relationship?
  • What do you mean by Schmooze?
  • What instigated you to write your book, "Mr Schmooze, what they should teach you at Harvard Business School".

Who is Cody Lowry?

Cody Lowry’s story is an upbeat and hilarious one. But it wasn’t always that way. His past knew poverty, abandonment, and a family that moved thirty-two times within a seven-year period. Yet today, he’s a Pied Piper of positivity with advice for everyone on how to make each day count.

Cody has been a successful marketer for thirty years, building a multi-million dollar ad agency from scratch. How did he overcome his past to achieve such success? He took on life with a unique perspective, executing bold ideas, making others laugh, and being ever mindful of the little guy.

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