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In today’s episode Dr. Katrina Burrus, MCC talks with Mark Morey about understanding the workplace and how leaders can play a role. Some questions discussed in this episode are:

  • What does nature bring to leaders?
  • You provided leadership retreats at NIKE. What did that consist of?
  • What did you learn from Google’s research on what makes good and productive teams?
  • What are some of the causes of Burnout and what are some of the remedies?
  • What is your three prong approach to connecting?

Who is Mark Morey?

Mark is a Human Connection specialist, solving the problem of employee and manager burnout in a way that strengthens company culture with enduring results. He works with executives and leaders with fiscal agency who are struggling with strategic approaches to the complexity of burnout and isolation in the workforce. As a human-connection specialist, he designs talent development processes that transform teams from distrust to psychological safety. Without quality connection to self and others, there is no high performance.

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