Excellent Executive Coaching: Growing Your Business and Enhancing Your Craft.

Who is Garry Schleifer?

Garry is a seasoned businessman bringing over 26 years experience to his coaching. His “walk the talk” credentials draw from experience as visionary behind several multimillion-dollar corporations.

Applying an approach of “Ruthless Compassion” when helping his business owner clients. 
Challenging clients with rigorous goals, an innate sensitivity, good humour and non-judgment.

He earned his coach credentials at Coaches Training Institute, Certified Mentor Coach certificate from inviteCHANGE, and PCC from International Coach Federation (ICF).

The owner and publisher of choice, the magazine of professional coaching, (www.choice-online.com) Past President of Toronto ICF Chapter, Vice President ICF Global Board and served on several, community-based boards.

The interview is about how Garry Schleifer built his business as CEO of Choice Magazine, the reference magazine for coaching. Dr. Katrina Burrus, MCC asks Garry the following questions:

  • Garry you've been a leader before, and while, being a coach. What lessons did you learn and what advice can you share from being on both sides of that fence?
  • What have you done, and are you doing to develop yourself as a leader?
  • Have you had any epiphanies lately?
  • Tell us about "choice, the magazine of professional coaching", how that came about and what value does it have for our listeners?
  • What is your advice to a younger version of yourself?
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