Excellent Executive Coaching: Growing Your Business and Enhancing Your Craft.

This Excellent Executive Coaching episode is for coaches, HR and Managers who want to excel at executive coaching.  More importantly, Myles Downey explains the danger of being servants to HR and helping leaders and manager to comply to get their next bonus. Myles explains how he got out of this trap as well as answered the following questions by Dr. Katrina Burrus, MCC.

  • What is the current state of the executive coaching market?
  • What is different about the world in the 21st Century? …
  • And what are the implications for coaching?
  • If someone was to take up a career as an executive coach today - what advice might you give them?
  • You published Modern Effective Coaching a year ago - how is this different from your earlier book Effective Coaching?
  • How do you maintain an edge and keep learning as an executive coach
  • Why do you practice as an executive coach?

Who is Myles Downey?

Myles Downey is a writer, speaker, consultant, innovator and is widely regarded as one of the leading coaches in the UK and Europe.  He founded The School of Coaching in 1996 and then The School of Coaching International in 2015 to bring the best coaching training to wider global audience.  He created the first and only automated coaching system, Enable, in 2014 designed to offer high quality coaching to the many, affordably.  He has written Effective Coaching, which sold 30,000 copies and was considered a seminal work on coaching, and published ‘Effective Modern Coaching’ in 2014.  From 2013 to 2015 he lead the ‘Enabling Genius Research Project’ with an international team resulting in ‘Enabling Genius – a mindset for the 21st Century’ published in March 2016.  The project is an on-going exploration of what it takes to maximize performance.

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Interview of Dr. Elena Espinal, MCC by Dr. Katrina Burrus, MCC gives a fascinating intervew about crafting the future based on her recent book. She was asked the following questions:

  1. You have recently published a book about Future Design called, "Crafting the Future.” What are the key messages in the book?
  2. What is the relationship between coaching and understanding the future?
  3. We also know your work with Diversity and Inclusion. Tell us more.

Who is Dr. Elena Espinal?

Dr. Elena Espinal  (Ph.D.)  is a ICF Master Certified Coach (MCC).  She has twenty nine  years of experience in leadership development training and coaching, facilitation, strategic planning, and team building services.  

She was born in Argentina, moved to Mexico in 1998, leaving behind the foundation of the first School of Coaching acknowledged by the Secretary of Education and a Company; Team Power (México) dedicated to prepare high performance teams. She has worked with people from different cultures (Indigenous, and people of different social and cultural backgrounds). Elena has worked in more than 30 countries of all continents with individuals and organizations, especially Europe, Kenya and Tanzania, Israel, India, China. 

She presented a conference at TED in México  in 2012, and was encharged of coaching all the conferencists of TEDx DF for 2 years. She presented her work almost in all the continents and did it also in various ICF Meetings.

She has been honored by the Argentine Association of Coaching (AAPC) as a Master Coach and as Honorific Member with Julio Olalla, Fernando Flores and Jim Selman.

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