Excellent Executive Coaching: Growing Your Business and Enhancing Your Craft.

Dr. Katrina Burrus interviews Dr. John Reed and talks about his book Pinpointing Excellence: How to Find a Quality Executive Coach.

  • What is your professional background and experience?
  • What have you seen in the executive coaching field that prompted you to write the book?
  • How has it been helping readers? Why?
  • What have you seen in the executive coaching field since the book was released that makes it even more relevant now?
  • What are the key messages from the book do you express to help those considering executive coaching services?
  • Is there any difference in advice you would give between current coaches and those planning to enter the field?

Who is Dr. John Reed

John founded and has been a Managing Principal since 2005 at Quinn Reed Associates (www.quinnreedassociates.com). He has undergraduate and MBA degrees from Dartmouth and, as a licensed organizational psychologist, a PhD from the University of Georgia. A US Navy veteran, he previously worked in the strategic services practice of Accenture and the government practice of CGI. 

He is designated as a Master Coach by Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching, a Master Corporate Executive Coach by the Association of Corporate Executive Coaches and a Professional Certified Coach by the International Coach Federation.

He is a Founding Fellow and Contributing Author of the Institute of Coaching at McLean/Harvard Medical School. His book ‘Pinpointing Excellence’ (www.pinpointingexcellence.com) for example is popular with leaders who use it to evaluate and select top executive coaches.

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